5 steps to the massage chair

5 steps to the massage chair

Here we have summarized for you useful information about each of our 5 steps in detail. From the first thought of a massage chair, through the purchase, delivery to your home or business, to warranty and care. Read everything you need to know here.

Step 1

Wishes, requirements, prerequisites

Wishes, requirements, prerequisites

You've had the thought of a massage chair and now you can hardly let it go? That's good news, because massage chairs offer you many possibilities for use in areas such as these:

  • As a palliative measure against the effects of poor posture
  • or "classic" for tension pain in the neck or back
  • as support after physical activities or sports training
  • with stressed feet, legs or hands or also water in the legs
  • in old age with decreasing mobility in retirement

Important questions

Buying a massage chair needs to be carefully considered. Should it be about your back, your neck, or rather your hands and feet or just the whole package, as we usually call it? Ask yourself the following questions to get clear about your ideas

Step 2

Our advice

Advice in the massage chair world

Once the first basic questions have been clarified or at least already considered, the next step is the consultation.

Brand-independent advice

The more information you can give us about your wishes and ideas, the better we can respond. And even if you are completely open to suggestions or ideas, we are sure to find the right massage chair for you in dialogue.

Step 3

The order

The ordering process in Massage Chair World

After a successful search and clarity about which massage chair it should be, the ordering process begins.

Online and also in specialist shops

Step 4

Delivery and assembly

Delivery and assembly of the Massage Chair World

The shipping and delivery of a massage chair needs to be well planned. We usually ship our massage chairs from our own warehouse and not as direct deliveries from the wholesaler like some competitors. This allows us very short delivery times of 3 to 5 days. You can find out about the actual stock and delivery time on the respective product pages; here too, we play our cards close to our chest and tell you what's going on.

Our delivery options

Step 5

Warranty, service and maintenance

Warranty, service and maintenance in the massage chair world

Our guarantee runs for a minimum period of three years as standard and is valid at your specified installation site in Germany, Austria or Switzerland - for all our massage chair models, without exception.

You don't often find a guarantee offer like this.

We won't let you down when it counts