Massage chair for corporate clients
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Massage chair for corporate clients

The problem

A large number of people today work in offices in a sedentary job.

Often the working hours are forty hours or more per week. Others work this number of hours while under hard physical stress. No matter which of these physical stresses your company's employees face, it can have many negative effects on your employees' bodies. In doing so, there is a great risk of unsightly consequences for your company and its operations.

Decreasing motivation & concentration
High rate of sick leave
Massage chairs and rest areas as a solution to problems

Massage chairs and rest areas as a solution to problems

To maintain your company's productivity at the highest level and be successful in this way, you need healthy, relaxed and motivated employees. Achieving this is not always easy, because the stresses during working hours often cannot be influenced.

However, with the help of small changes and tools, you as a business owner have the opportunity to motivate your employees, help them relax and in this way retain them in your company.

The solution

Massages are an extremely popular tool in this regard. They are proven to be beneficial for both health and mental condition.

Massage chair in corporate use

This is because they help to relax strained and overloaded muscles. When the body is relaxed, the head can also relax and face new challenges. As a result, your employees will be less likely to suffer from musculoskeletal limitations, more relaxed and more motivated. All this contributes both to improving the quality of work and to the employees' identification with your company.

Increase productivity
Creation of quiet zone in the company

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