Warranty conditions for private customers


We grant you as a purchase contract partner an extended warranty of 2 or 5 years (for selected brands and models) in addition to the statutory defect rights on the product. The period for calculating the warranty period begins from the date of delivery. The territorial scope of the warranty protection is Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The guarantee refers to the freedom from defects of the product, including functionality, material or production defects. Should a defect occur during the warranty period, we will provide you with one of the following services of our choice under this warranty:

  • repair of the product free of charge (rectification) or
  • Replacement of the product with an equivalent product free of charge (subsequent delivery)

In the event of a necessary replacement or repair in our specialist workshop or that of the manufacturer, we will commission a necessary transport, the costs of which will be borne by us. We will provide you with the necessary packaging material on request.

The guarantee includes compensation for the following costs:

  • Material costs and costs for the repair of defective parts or replacement
  • Wages for fault rectification
  • Travel costs to and from
  • Transport costs free kerbside

If you receive a repaired or new product as part of the warranty service, this does not affect the current warranty period. The guarantee does not start again with the repair/replacement of the product.

 Exclusions / discontinuation of the guarantee

Warranty claims are excluded in the event of damage to the product caused by:                 

  • which occur during an assembly and / or disassembly of the item, as well as transport damage of any kind and damage which occurs in connection with a move
  • Batteries and rechargeable batteries in small massage devices or remote controls
  • Damage caused by pets (scratches, animal urine etc.)
  • caused by gross negligence, intent or by third parties
  • Discolouration caused by colour transfer from foreign textiles or clothing.
  • which occur as a result of operational wear and tear or as a result of ageing, wear and tear, contamination, spoilage, lightening, and which lead to changes in the properties of cover materials typical of the goods, such as grease rash, hedge cracks, mast creases or pilling formation or the peeling and becoming brittle of leather covers (wear and tear),
  • as well as damage caused by short circuit, lightning strike, overvoltage, operating errors
  • caused by non-observance of safety precautions, improper use, misuse or lack of care contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • caused by placing the item in the immediate vicinity of heat sources (e.g.: tiled stoves and heating fireplaces), as well as disregarding the manufacturer's installation instructions.
  • caused by corrosion or limescale deposits
  • caused by external impact on the item (e.g. breakage, bending, scratches, burn marks, scorching damage, cracks, cuts, etc.).
  • which have been caused by weather or moisture
  • by earthquakes, wars, warlike events, terror, nuclear energy or nuclear substances
  • improper handling and use of force (e.g. vandalism, knocks, impacts, falling).
  • through gradual exposure to cold, heat, temperature and air pressure fluctuations, moisture, smoke, soot, dust, corrosion, light and radiation, as well as internal spoilage (gradual damage).
  • Costs of an overhaul or other measures which would also have been necessary independently of the damage
  • Additional costs due to changes or improvements that go beyond restoration
  • Massage chairs that are not used exclusively for private purposes, e.g. through rental, leasing or studio operation

The guarantee also does not cover personal injury and consequential damage or damage caused outside the appliance.

The dealer warranty does not restrict your statutory rights arising from the purchase contract concluded with us. Any existing statutory warranty rights against us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise. This dealer warranty therefore does not violate your legal rights, but rather extends your legal position.

Should the purchased item be defective, you may in any case contact us within the scope of the statutory warranty, regardless of whether a warranty case exists or the warranty is invoked. 

What to do in case of damage?

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us as the warrantor:

Massagesessel Welt
P4P Solutions GmbH
Max-Holder-Str. 25
73630 Remshalden

Germany free of charge: 0800-7352963
Phone (international): +49 (7151) 205 259 95

What makes our 5-year warranty different on select brands and products?

Our extended warranty services are guaranteed via our service partner and are reinsured with an insurance company! Direct contact is also possible.

Garantie-Datenbank 24 GmbH, Dreieich, Germany
Mon. - Fri.: 09:00 - 17:00
Hotline: +49 (6103) 391 780