Our goals, the mission and about us the massage chair world

Our goals, the mission and about us

About us

Why, why, why actually massage chairs?

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We are on a mission to make massage chairs better known, more valuable and their purpose clearer. What a holiday in France has to do with it and how we want to achieve our goals as a team by getting you on board, we explain here.

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The team behind Massage Chair World: Ionel Radu, Manuela Radu, Michael Roedeske, Marco Libi

Who we are

We - that has long since ceased to mean just Manuela Radu and Michael Roedeske, founders and operators of Massagesessel Welt online and in stationary retail shops. Our Massagesessel Welt team has grown steadily and regularly since its birth in 2020.

While the development of the brand portfolio and the selection of chairs as well as the communication with our customers - i.e. you - and the daily consultations fall into the hands of Manuela and Michael, there are even more people who make Massagesessel Welt what it is.

Massage Chair World - Our Mission and Goal

Our mission and goal

Together we want to make sure that massage chairs become better known. We want to advise, help and support you to lead a physically and mentally more relaxed life by choosing the right massage chair.

Massage chair overview
Massage Chair World - Our Mission and Goal

Massage chairs - More than just luxury and gadgetry

Massage chairs are widely regarded as a luxury and a gimmick - but used correctly and thanks to honest and trustworthy advice, massage chairs are capable of bringing about a major positive change in your standard of living. Depending on where your personal goals and needs lie.

Massage chair overview
Massage Chair World - Our Mission and Goal

Expertise and experience

When selecting our models, we rely exclusively on our own expertise. We personally test and inspect the sample chairs we receive from the manufacturers or we visit the manufacturers on site. Our experience and expertise are the cornerstones for us to advise and support you perfectly and optimally on the strengths and special features of each individual massage chair for each model.

Massage chair overview
Massage Chair World - Our Mission and Goal

High quality standards for your satisfaction

Before we decide together to include a model in the largest exhibition in Europe and in our range, each armchair must meet our requirements. If a model is not of sufficient quality or features, there is no chance - no matter who the manufacturer is or how favourable the dealer price. This is the only way we can always give you, the customer, a 3-year guarantee with a clear conscience.

Massage chair overview
With commitment and innovation into the future

Our company history


An idea in the summer of 2020

During a holiday with friends, the world of massage chairs became more and more realistic, not only in our minds. Many conversations, discussions and considerations later, the decision was made faster than expected.


The start in September 2020

The Massage Chair World in Weinstadt near Stuttgart has officially existed since September 2020. But even before this date, which has become so important for us, we invested an enormous amount of time in preparing our company.


Exhibition opening

The final step was taken at the gates of Stuttgart with the opening of our first exhibition in Remshalden. Then we quickly expanded and moved to Weinstadt, where the largest exhibition in Europe developed rapidly within a year.


Leverkusen location

Our second Massage Chair World opens in Leverkusen with the active support of our on-site manager: Marco Libi joins our team.


New Internet presence

With a completely revised online presence, Massage Chair World will go live on July 5, 2022. A greatly expanded range of information on Europe's most diverse massage chair range in an appealingly structured design.

Massage Chair World exhibition and showroom with expert advice
See, feel and test

Europe's largest massage chair exhibition

Visit us live on site in our exhibitions with specialist advice, showrooms or armchair support points. Here you will find all our locations and the respective current range of armchairs, as well as the possibility to arrange a personal consultation appointment directly.

Massage Chairs World own delivery and service

Delivery and service

Ionel Radu is a trained mechatronics engineer and our head of delivery and logistics. Likewise, he is the first point of contact should there be the rare case that there are problems or defects with the massage chairs. He takes care of it in no time at all.

Ultimately, of course, it is always a collaboration between all of us, our suppliers and partners as a welded team.