Corporate health management with the Vitalia "Senior" massage table from Allgäuer Massagetechnik!

  • Improves back health and causes fewer cases of illness
  • Simple operation for quick relaxation at the touch of a button
  • Made in Germany quality: Durable and robust
  • Better working atmosphere and satisfied employees
  • Promotes recovery and increases productivity

Allgäuer Massagetechnik Vitalia "Senior" massage table

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Promote health and reduce stress - The benefit for your employees
Would you like to improve the working atmosphere in your company and increase the well-being of your employees at the same time? Our Vitalia massage table is the answer!

With its special ergonomic design and patented 20-head multiflex massage technology, it offers a premium massage experience that all users will love. But that's not all: The Vitalia promotes the health of your employees and has been proven to reduce stress and sick days - a valuable investment for your company!

Highest quality for a healthy back

Healthy employees are the capital of a successful company. Unfortunately, back problems are a widespread problem in many companies and often lead to absenteeism and dissatisfaction among employees. But this is now a thing of the past!

The Vitalia massage table is specially designed to specifically promote the back health of your employees. From the lumbar spine to the shoulders - the 20-head multiflex massage technique targets the right areas and effectively relieves tension.

Relaxationand well-being - an incomparable massage experience
A stressed employee is rarely productive and can struggle with health problems in the long term. The Vitalia massage table not only offers physical relaxation, but also provides mental balance.

Just a few minutes of a soothing massage will help your employees to forget their stressful working day and recharge their batteries in the relaxation or break room. A special form of appreciation that motivates and inspires!

Simple operation and durable quality

In addition to the ergonomic design and easy operation, the lounger is characterized by its solid construction. This high-quality product is made in Germany and guarantees a high level of robustness and durability. You and your employees will enjoy this investment for years to come.

For you and your employees - our robust massage table!
Durable material for productive environments: Our special massage table is made from a hard-wearing material that can withstand even heavy use. It is resistant to many materials and substances. Including blood, urine, feces and other liquids. This property ensures easy cleaning and compliance with high hygiene standards.

Shoes stay on when needed - no compromises for your safety:
Our massage table offers you the comfort of being able to leave your shoes on. In production companies, for example, this reduces the risk of employees being in the building without safety shoes.

B1 fire protection for maximum safety:
Our massage table has B1 fire protection, which minimizes the risk of fire and increases your safety and that of all employees in the event of an emergency.

Decide now for healthy and productive employees
Order the Vitalia massage table now and increase the satisfaction and work performance of your employees!

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Vitalia massage table

How does the Vitalia massage table contribute to improving the working atmosphere and employee satisfaction?

The Vitalia massage table promotes the working atmosphere and employee satisfaction in various ways. The unique premium-class massage experience reduces stress and tension, which contributes to a positive working environment.

The opportunity to relax and recharge their batteries in the rest or break room increases employees' sense of well-being and motivation.

What health benefits does the Vitalia massage table offer?

The Vitalia massage table is designed to specifically promote back health. Its patented 20-head multiflex massage technology effectively relieves tension from the lumbar spine to the shoulders. Regular use of the table can prevent back problems and improve the health of employees.

Is the Vitalia massage table easy to operate?

Yes, the Vitalia massage table is characterized by simple operation at the touch of a button. Employees can easily activate the massage function and relax immediately.

Where is the Vitalia massage table manufactured?
The Vitalia massage table is manufactured in Germany and stands for the highest quality and durability. The solid construction guarantees a robust and high-quality table that employees will enjoy for years to come.

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