Relieving rocking couch Volare Care of Allgäuer Massagetechnik for dementia patients, caregivers and facilities.

  • Soothing rocking movements for well-being and relaxation
  • Improving the quality of care through targeted relief
  • Effective care option for residents suffering from dementia
  • Meets all quality criteria for assisted living facilities
  • Made in Germany: quality, durability and robustness combined

Allgäuer massage technique therapy rocking couch Volare Care

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Relaxing rocking motion for dementia patients
Do you know these situations all too well? In your care facility, are some residents affected by dementia and exhibiting confused behaviors? We know how challenging it can be to support both those affected and their loved ones.

That's why we've developed a unique rocking recliner that has been proven to have calming effects on people with dementia, providing you with valuable relief.

Our swing couch gives your residents moments of relaxation and the nursing staff more time and opportunities to take care of their daily work.

A feeling of security and well-being through ergonomic design.
Our unique rocking recliner with gentle rocking movements creates a feeling of security and well-being that is especially calming for people with dementia.

The calming effect is based on our earliest memories as babies, when we were soothed by gentle movements. These memories, deeply anchored in the subconscious, reawaken the familiar primal trust from back then in us.

The rocking couch not only creates a connection with the surroundings, but also provides a cozy atmosphere.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the lounger perfectly adapts to the points of contact with the body. You can snuggle into the softly padded seat to see for yourself. A unique body sensation awaits you and your occupants, providing security and relaxation.

Individual adjustment of the rocking movements
The rocking bed offers not only convincing comfort, but also extremely easy handling! You can regulate the rocking movements very gently and continuously, exactly according to your personal feeling.

The rocking couch is not only for dementia patients, but also for you as a caregiver or manager in the care facility. It offers a welcome break from the stressful daily routine and gives you and your residents maximum relaxation and new energy through its calming effect of the rocking movement.

Carefree relaxation: Easy-care material with safety aspects.
Sturdy and easy to care for: Our rocking recliner is made of a durable material that easily withstands blood, urine, feces and other liquids. This outstanding feature allows for effortless cleaning and ensures high standards of hygiene, which are especially important in nursing homes.

Maximum safety in the facility: safety is our top priority. The material of the rocking couch meets B1 fire safety requirements, minimizing the risk of fire and reducing the spread of flames and smoke in the event of an emergency. With this rocking couch, residents with dementia can relax in a safe and secure environment while you can attend to other tasks.

Our proven rocking couch: Order now!
Decide now for a conscious relief for all involved. Increase the quality of care in your facility and free up more time to look after other residents at the same time. Or simply to take a deep breath yourself.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers about the rocking bed for dementia patients and care facilities.
What effect do the rocking movements have on residents with dementia?
The rocking movements have a calming effect on persons with dementia and convey a feeling of well-being and security. They are based on our earliest memories as babies and reawaken the familiar primal trust from back then in us.

To what extent can the rocking couch relieve nursing staff?
The rocking couch enables nursing staff to relieve residents suffering from dementia in a targeted manner and to give them moments of relaxation. This gives the nursing staff more time and opportunities to take care of other tasks and residents.

Does the rocking couch meet all the required quality criteria for assisted living facilities?
Yes, our rocking couch meets all the required quality criteria for assisted living facilities and nursing homes. It is made of sturdy material that is easy to maintain and complies with B1 fire safety requirements to ensure maximum safety.

How easy is the handling of the rocking couch?
The rocking bed is extremely user-friendly. You can regulate the rocking movements very gently and continuously, exactly according to your personal feeling and the needs of the residents. The ease of use makes it a practical relaxation option for dementia patients and a welcome break for caregivers.

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