Bodyfriend Davinci BFB-8210EU


Bodyfriend Davinci BFB-8210EU

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Innovative design, luxurious essence

"DaVinci was a challenging project. It has led us to fully express our experience in designing technology with consistency and balance. Compact, iconic, rational and distinctive, DaVinci has a clear "cocooning" effect, an enveloping and protective shell with elegant ergonomics, to relax and, above all, to benefit from the multiple functions with which DaVinci is equipped. The color palette used for DaVinci refers to the medical world, with blue, the color for sanitary and wellness, and white, the ideal color for the medical and technical field. The metallic gray components refer to our numerous automotive research prototypes. In general, there is an explicit reference to the automotive world, recognizable by features such as the side light elements that indicate which type of massage is currently activated, or the spin directly under the footrest."


The fast lane to peace and quiet

Analysis of body composition

DaVinci's AI Health Scanner revolutionizes personalized wellness by accurately measuring and reporting body composition and identifying points of fatigue. This ensures that every massage is individually tailored to your body's needs for optimal relaxation and health.
relaxation and health.

Luxury at full throttle

Immerse yourself in the unrivaled capabilities of DaVinci's quad roller technology, powered by powerful high torque motors. Designed to deliver an exhilarating massaging experience that mirrors the power of a high-speed race car, DaVinci offers both unparalleled power and meticulous precision.

Melodic immersion in the senses

Embark on a sensory odyssey with DaVinci's music-synchronized massage programs. This chair masterfully combines sound with tactile sensations, orchestrating a symphony of relaxation for a multi-sensory retreat into tranquillity.

LED wavelength therapy

DaVinci harnesses the power of special LED emitters that emit specific wavelengths to optimize joint health, particularly in the hands and wrists. This precise light therapy, complemented by comforting heat elements, provides targeted relief and increased therapeutic efficacy.

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All-in-one entertainment remote control

With DaVinci's innovative remote control, you can surf the internet, watch Netflix, make phone calls and even take photos from the comfort of your massage chair. There is no comparable remote control that transforms your relaxation time into an interactive, multifaceted entertainment experience.

Race into relaxation

DaVinci offers a range of massage techniques - kneading, tapping, hacking, acupressure, vibration tapping and combinations - each expertly crafted to take you from an energizing high to deep, soothing relaxation.

Cruise into peace and quiet

Embark on a peaceful journey with DaVinci's special meditation programs. Designed for deep relaxation and mindfulness. Let yourself be gently guided into a calm, meditative state that envelops you in peace and tranquillity.

Innovative design, luxurious essence

DaVinci goes beyond the ordinary, combining sophisticated design with cutting-edge innovation. More than just a massage chair, it is a testament to luxury and style, transforming any room with its striking presence while offering unparalleled comfort.

Your favorite massage styles, transformed

Experience the extraordinary in everyday comfort

4D Advanced Quad Rollers
Weightless weightlessness
Surround sound music
Comprehensive heat therapy
Seamless touchscreen remote control
Space saving design
Flexible SL rail
Powerful brushless motors
Precise body scan
Automatically extendable footrest
3D calf compression
Hotkey controller
Serene Aircell technology
Dynamic foot reflexology massage
Harmonious rocking
Entertainment remote control
Customizable automatic programs
Powered by AI
Ergonomic stretching
Premium composite finish
Softening plush cushions
Art in every respect

Available in a 'pearl blue' finish with a composite shell that emphasizes the beautiful curves of DaVinci. This isn't just a chair; it's a symbol of the lifestyle you value - a stunning centerpiece that transforms your living space into a sanctuary of well-being for all.

The DaVinci advantage


Unleash a wave of comfort with sensitive Aircell technology. A wider PSI range provides tailored pressure and guarantees an exquisite massage experience optimized to your needs.



Our active torque control is carefully calibrated to balance strength and delicacy. Thanks to its wide power spectrum, DaVinci can deliver either a powerful deep massage or gentle, soothing strokes, depending on your comfort requirements.



AI has been developed specifically for your individual needs and ensures that your massage experience is as individual as you are. Developed using biometric data to ensure your massage is as soothing as it is enjoyable.



The Xeus Smart Chip is the powerful heart of the DaVinci. The Xeus Smart Chip uses advanced artificial intelligence processes to deliver personalized massages tailored to the unique contours of your body. The Xeus Smart Chip is the first of its kind, making the DaVinci an unrivaled medical device for the new age.
The capabilities of the Xeus Smart Chip are brought to life by a technical infrastructure worthy of a sports car. With motors with active torque control, which enable a wide range of power precision, and advanced sound insulation, which ensures that all the power is delivered almost as quiet as a whisper.

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