Bodyfriend Phantom Care

  • Integrated PEMF application
  • Very smooth massages
  • very large selection of automatic programs
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Bodyfriend Phantom Care

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Bodyfriend's full body massage technology transforms a massage chair into a medical device.

The Phantom Medical Care massage chair is specially designed for the treatment of mild neck muscle pain.

Phantom massage in room, photo
phantom medical care mode
  • Neck massage icon
    Neck massage

    This course massages the neck through air bags and massage modules.

  • Neck stretch

    This course offers a gentle neck massage.

  • PEMF neck

    It intensively moves the neck area and at the same time relieves pain in the neck area through a pulsed electromagnetic field.

  • PEMF waist

    It moves intensively around the waist and at the same time relieves pain in the waist area through a pulsed electromagnetic field.


    It provides additional muscle stimulation by attaching calf and ankle airbags and a thigh airbag that stimulates the quadriceps femoris muscle and the biceps femoris muscle. This is a course where you can feel the effect of stretching and relieve mild muscle pain by stimulating each muscle.


    In this course, you can feel the pain-relieving effect of the muscles through intensive back and pelvic massage and acupressure.


    This course relieves pain through intensive massage of the shoulder and neck area and relaxation of the surrounding muscles through acupressure, etc.


    This class involves massaging the entire body and applying gentle pressure to the neck and back.


    This course relieves pain in the muscles used in golf by massaging the shoulders and legs, which tire easily after golf, and by strong acupressure with a roller.


    This class relieves neck and shoulder massages as well as lower back pain that can easily result from sitting for long periods of time.

  • XD PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field)

    The XD PEMF module, a combination of the XD module and the PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) module, measures and stimulates the user's body to relieve mild neck and back muscle pain. The XD PEMF module moves along the spinal line (neck, back, waist, pelvic/cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and coccyx) and relieves muscle pain through the PEMF module.

  • Neck massager

    Relieve neck pain by relaxing the muscles in the neck and back area with the massage unit. The Phantom Medical Care secures the head with the head harness unit.

  • Heat function

    It relieves muscle pain by applying heat to the back and lower back.

PHANTOM MEDICAL CARE Other core functions

It scans each user's body type through physical energy, such as vibration and compression stimulation, and helps relieve mild muscle pain.

  • Airbag compression stimulation of the hand/forearm. Vibration and compression stimulation of the occipital/trapezius muscle.

  • Massage stimulation by lifting the spine point

  • Stimulation of calf and plantar roll compression.

  • Calf Airbag Compression.

Phantom Medical Care is recommended for
  • 01

    People with muscle stiffness because they work or learn in the same position for a long time.

  • 02

    those who want to relieve muscle pain caused by muscle cramps resulting from excessive sports activities.

  • 03

    People with muscle stiffness due to frequent use of computers or smartphones.

  • 04

    People with muscle stiffness because they work or learn in the same position for a long time.

  • Bluetooth speaker

    High quality stereo sound for brain massage and healing music.

  • Weightlessness

    Minimizing the force of gravity to maximize the massage effect.

  • Zero wall

    Brilliant space saving design for reclining mode.

  • Automatic leg adjustment

    The leg length is automatically adjusted up to 20 cm to fit the user's body type


Application purpose

A therapeutic massager is an electrically operated device for medical purposes, such as relieving minor muscle pain.


110-120V~, 60Hz

Heating temperature

41 °F ~ 104 °F

Air pressure

280 mmHg ±20 %

Lower body angle



Frequency bands (transmit and receive) 2402 MHz ~ 2480 MHz

Product weight 333 pounds
Outer cover Imitation leather
Dimensions reclined

34.1 (W) x 76.8 (L) x 37.8 (H)

Dimensions up

34.1 (W) x 62.4 (L) x 48.0 (H)

Product type Massage chair

Product information

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