Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo BFR-8060EU


Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo BFR-8060EU

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The first steps have been taken.  The launch of the Phantom Rovo health robot
  • XD PRO module

    Finger moving technology, which moves in steps of 1.25 mm, for a precise and gentle massage.

  • Independent movement of the leg massage unit

    The left and right leg massage units work separately to allow for new movements and stretches.

  • Safety fault

    Industry-leading 15 sensors, low temperature burn protection, remote lockout and power failure protection buttons.

An attempt to free the legs

Our medical research and development center, technology research institute, and design research institute spent five years on various joint efforts to implement the idea of separating the two leg units. After researching how best to separate the leg units, programming the left and right leg units differently, and studying cycling, the Phantom Rovo was born.

Image of a model fabric with leg and foot part of a phantom rovo.
The future development direction of Bodyfriend is towards health robots. This principle was implemented to create a massage chair that goes far beyond existing standard chairs.

Full body massage function

Independent drives for each leg unit allow for deeper stretching. The left and right leg massage units work independently to provide unprecedented movement and stretching that can stimulate and relax deep muscles, which was not possible with existing leg units that moved simultaneously.

Graphics of the XD Pro module

Extremely sophisticated XD PRO module

A high-performance sensor is attached to the XD module, which can adjust the protruding area of the massage ball in 1.25 mm increments to provide a gentle and precise customized massage.

Application of the original finger movement technology of Bodyfriend

Bodyfriend's Moving technology is a crucial advancement that precisely controls the movement of the massage ball in 1.25 mm increments, as if you were being gently massaged by human fingers.

Improved thermal functionality

Feel a warm and comforting massage with heated massage balls in the back, calves and soles of the feet. Can be switched by region.

Image of a massage ball

Massage ball

The two upper massage balls are heated and can provide a warm massage like human hands.

Image "Back, calf sit".

Backrest, calf seat

The back and calf seats have a thermal function to provide a heat massage.

Image foot sole roller

Foot sole roller

The sole rollers were also equipped with a heating function to provide a warm acupressure massage for the feet.

Our biggest ever! 87 air pockets

The airbag expands to every corner of the body and provides a refreshing compression as if by human hand.

Shoulder airbag

Shoulder massage

Relieves stiff muscles and fatigue in the shoulders. By fixing the upper body, the massage balls can penetrate deeper into the muscles and stimulate them.

Back/hip airbag

Back/waist massage

Four dual airbags apply pressure and support the back and waist.

Hand, arm airbag

Hand, arm massage

The 3-stage airbag wraps hands and arms simultaneously, while the built-in magnetic acupressure pad provides a refreshing massage.

Pelvis and thigh airbag

Pelvic/thigh massage

The air bags on the left and right sides of the pelvis are inflated to provide a balanced massage and hold the lower body in place during the stretch.

Perineum airbag


The independently developed Dammairbag provides acupressure to the buttocks and surrounding muscles.

Calf airbag

Calf massage

Air bags provide a thorough massage of both sides of the calf and foot.

Foot airbag

Foot instep

The airbag presses on the instep, allowing the roller to exert deep and invigorating acupressure.

Heel airbag


A pincer-shaped airbag firmly presses and massages the heel.

Detection of shoulder height for each user by back massage sensor.

Faster recognition of the body shape

The body recognition process, which used to take about 60 seconds, has been shortened to about 15 seconds.

*May vary depending on the posture or body type of the user.

A safe massage chair

Multiple "movements" and improved "functions" make for an improved "safety device".

15 Safety sensors

Comfort functions

Image of a massage ball

Remote control holder

Practical and convenient remote control holder.

Image "Back, calf sit".

Zero gravity angle

Relax the entire body by applying gravity to the body to maximize the sleep and massage effect.

Image foot sole roller

Automatic adjustment of the glide angle

Designed to minimize the space required for angle adjustment, allowing efficient use of space.

Fast power on/off by region

Fast power on/off by region

Easily adjustable air bags and rollers during massage depending on the region.

Conveniently store up to eight frequently used modes and settings.

Favorite mode

Conveniently store up to eight frequently used modes and settings.

Automatic Bluetooth connection

Automatic Bluetooth connection

After the initial setup, the Bluetooth connection is automatically established when the remote control is turned on.

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