Space-saving massage chair for short moments of relaxation - perfect for walk-ins and waiting rooms

  • Usable with shoes on
  • also suitable for stronger people (up to150kg)
  • also suitable for taller people (up to 195cm neck massage)
  • Massage from neck to calf
  • Compact design and space saving

Our Classic - B2B MSW300

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Quick relaxation for in between
You work in a store with walk-in customers or you are even the owner? The hectic everyday life is program for yourself and your customers and now you are looking for quick moments of relaxation?

So that your customers can report a unique experience, our team of experts has come up with something very special for you with this massage chair.

Waiting is part of hectic everyday life. Whether at the hairdresser's, in the beauty salon or in the bridal fashion store: In the rarest cases we get our turn immediately. With our massage chair we show you that waiting can also be pleasant and relaxing. You will also benefit from the relaxing effect even during your lunch break or a long day at work.

Our solution for boring waiting and impatient customers
The more time your customers spend waiting, the higher the likelihood of dissatisfaction and complaints. These can not only be damaging to your business through bad internet reviews, but can also take away your desire to work.

Our space-saving massage chair is sure to fit in any waiting area and buy you extra time if something doesn't go according to plan. Your customers will even be grateful that they can enjoy the relaxation moment for a few minutes longer.
This is what makes this massage chair so practical and effective
The ergonomic design of the massage chair adapts perfectly to the contours of each body, ensuring ideal positioning of the back and neck. This is ensured by the body scan that the massage chair performs before the massage. In this way, the intense massage effect can fully develop.

The selectable modes allow you to adjust the intensity of the relaxation program with the remote control. Another advantage is that the shoes can be left on during the massage. This makes it possible to switch between several people quickly and easily. Furthermore, this model is extremely space-saving, so even small spaces do not have to do without the relaxing effect.
These important features distinguish the space-saving massage chair from other manufacturers
Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and support with the compact massage chair. This chair offers a weight capacity of up to 150 kg, which makes it a good choice for multiple users due to its robustness.

When it comes to massage chairs, many of us want a warm, comfortable massage that serves both to relax and treat our physical ailments. Unfortunately, many chairs from other manufacturers become lukewarm, which is hardly noticeable and a pity for the user.

The very pleasant warmth of this massage chair helps all muscles to relax optimally. Likewise, it also promotes blood circulation. This helps to relieve pain and stiffness and relieve stress and tension.

Unlike most massage chairs on the market, our product provides a continuous massage experience. Each area of the body is massaged in one fluid motion, so you and your clients get a comprehensive massage without pauses.

Moreover, our space-saving massage chair is designed to be suitable for taller people. Many other massage chairs on the market are only suitable for people with a height of up to 180 cm. But our massage chair is made for people with height up to 195 cm. So regardless of the height, you can be sure that your neck and that of your clients will be well taken care of.

And that's not all: our massage chair is designed so that it does not need to be assembled at all. It is delivered pre-assembled in a cardboard box. The cable only needs to be plugged into the socket.
Your customized massage pleasure!
The unique back and buttocks pad adjustments allow you to tailor the massage intensity and comfort to your preferences. Whether you prefer a gentle stroking massage for relaxation or want a deep-acting massage for targeted muscle loosening, our massage chairs put your wellness experience in your own hands.
Durability and 360° service at
If you're looking for a high-quality and durable massage chair, you've come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of massage chairs that will meet the needs of all users.

With our individual and brand-independent advice, you are sure to find the perfect massage chair to fit your space.

You can be sure that our products are of the highest quality. We offer top-notch customer service so you can enjoy your chair for many years to come. Our products are tested for quality and safety, and we offer a 24-month warranty for business customers. Most other suppliers only offer 6 to 12 months maximum.

Unlike other suppliers, we have all spare parts for our massage chairs in stock and can repair any product. Even several years after purchase.
Order now the space saving massage chair
We at prove what massage chairs can really do! Choose the compact massage chair now and say goodbye to stressed and dissatisfied customers.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers about the space-saving massage chair.
What programs and massage techniques does this model have?
Thanks to the various settings options, you can easily decide which parts of your body to massage and which massage techniques to use. You can control this via the remote control and choose between finger tapping (tapping), tapping massage (tapping), kneading massage (kneading), combination of kneading and tapping and compression massage (airbags).
Does the space-saving massage chair come with a guarantee?
When it comes to protecting your investment, nothing beats a comprehensive warranty. That's why we're proud to say that every commercial purchase comes with a 24-month warranty. With other sellers, you'll only get a warranty between 6 and 12 months.

A warranty gives you the assurance that you are fully covered in the event of a problem with your product. This way you don't have to worry about expensive repairs and are fully protected.
Do I have to assemble the product?
No. Our massage chairs come out of the box ready to use. All you have to do is unpack it and connect it to the power source.
How long will the massage chair last with daily use by walk-in customers?
It is very important to us that our products are of high quality and durable. That is why we offer a two-year warranty to our business customers.

If a defect occurs several years after purchase, we offer repairs.
Since we have all spare parts in stock, this is possible without any problems.
Up to what weight and height can the massage chair be used?
People with a body weight of up to 150 kg and a height of up to 195 cm can use the massage chair without hesitation.

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