NAIPO MGC-8900 massage chair

  • Large space for the upper body and shoulders
  • Perfect stretching and stretching for the hip flexor
  • Dual massage technique: simultaneous massage in the upper back and buttocks.


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Experience an extraordinary feeling of weightlessness with the "space capsule".

If you are looking for a premium massage chair that is both a real feast for the eyes and meets the highest technical standards, then you have discovered a real showpiece in the NAIPO MGC-8900 of the "space capsule": with its tasteful appearance, it is a trendsetter in a class of its own. Its shell-shaped outer coating is not only an attractive eye-catcher, but also particularly easy to clean. With a damp cloth, any dirt can be removed in no time at all. Inside its hard shell, the "space capsule" impresses with its soft core: amazingly, despite all its functions, the "space capsule" is extremely compact, true to the "Zero Space" concept, which means it can be easily integrated into almost any living area.

Its user-friendly quick-start operation with buttons on the armrest and on the cordless touch pad offer the possibility of fully automatic set-up of seat position and angle of inclination. With its unique dual massage mechanism, the "space capsule" with a total of 6 rollers offers a pampering programme that makes a multitude of competing products pale - a very powerful massage strength can also be set if desired. Thanks to a sophisticated technology of the S- and L-track systems paired with a roller mechanism with a 63 cm reach, you enjoy a pinpoint massage for the neck, shoulders, back and spine. Another independent roller mechanism with an additional 83 cm reach extends over the lower back, waist, hips and thighs to convince you with an extraordinarily precise deep massage. The "space capsule" devotes a special treatment in a class of its own to the legs: Its patented bi-directional stretching of the footrest extends the deep side of your leg muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons and accelerates blood circulation. A bi-directional stretch of the upper footrest by 9 cm and the lower footrest by 16 cm additionally improves your mobility. As a highlight, the "space capsule" impresses with the so-called "zero-gravity position": experience an incomparable feeling of weightlessness through the optimal relief of the spine, joints and muscles. The resulting effect, comparable to the popular yoga stretch, has a healing and at the same time strengthening effect on your muscles. The modern heating system envelops you in a cosy warmth with a particularly fast heat transfer thanks to the innovative graphene technology.

With the "space capsule", the future moves into your home - your body and mind will thank you.

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