OSIM uLove 3 (OS-8218)


OSIM uLove 3 (OS-8218)

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Relieve all family members to achieve well-being
1. AI stress analysis

for measuring the Body Tension Score and other well-being indicators

2. personalized body tension programs

based on your Body Tension Score

3. specialized massage programs

for all family members at different stages of life

Scientific innovation for the well-being of your whole family

Let OSIM uLove 3 measure and relieve stress using superior smart technologies designed for all family members. Achieve complete relaxation of mind and body as you feel all the stress fade away! uLove 3 combines three elements (1. AI stress analysis, 2. personalized body tension programs, 3. special massage programs) to reduce stress and provide an exceptional wellness experience that enhances and improves your family's well-being.

uLove 3 combines three elements (1. AI stress analysis, 2. personalized body tension programs, 3. special massage programs) to reduce stress and provide an exceptional wellness experience that enhances and improves your family's well-being.

1. AI stress analysis technology

Stress affects us physically and emotionally. It activates our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and triggers internal stress responses, including increased heart rate, shortness of breath, tense muscles and more, to amplify the fight-or-flight response.

Measurement of heart rate and respiratory rate for comprehensive well-being

To get a holistic overview of your overall wellbeing, uLove's AI stress analysis includes 3 other indicators of your lifestyle wellbeing, such as your heart rate and breathing rate.

With the uLove 3 Well-Being Chair, you can keep stress at bay and ensure the well-being of your family.

2. personalized body tension programs based on the body tension score

Using your Body Tension Score, which reflects the level of stress in your body, uLove 3 is able to customize the perfect Body Tension programs for you to relieve stress. Since everyone experiences stress differently, each person's Body Tension programs include their own music and massage formulas.

3. special lifestyle programs for all family members

Whether you're stressed by long hours of studying or need to juggle work and home, the uLove 3 is equipped with programs suitable for every age group and knows exactly what you need.


Using OSIM signature technologies for the most comprehensive full body massage. With a combination of signature movements and intensities tailored to each part of the body, this program helps to relieve stress and provide total pleasure from head to toe.

Well-being (seniors)

This full-body relaxation massage was developed specifically for seniors and uses lighter and gentler massage techniques to improve circulation and relieve common aches and pains associated with age.

Exercise (seniors)

Designed as a form of passive indoor exercise for seniors with a largely sedentary lifestyle to simulate movement by improving circulation and range of motion.

De-stressing (youth)

Take a break and de-stress from school! This program uses relaxing massage techniques all over the body to relieve stress.

Play (Youth)

Designed specifically for gamers, this program targets the hands, arms, neck and lumbar spine, which can help relieve muscle tension and stiffness.

New download programs for adults, senior citizens and young people.

Look forward to more download programs specifically for adults, seniors and teens. These programs are offered regularly to meet the diverse and changing lifestyle needs of the whole family.

Through my years of experience with massage treatments, I recognize the needs of the users and have the knowledge to develop effective lifestyle massage programs that not only address these needs but also provide pampering pleasure.

Sato Tsuyoshi,
Expert in Japanese Chiropractic Massage

Digital innovations with seamless app control

In the digital age, where everything is increasingly personalized, we put you in full control. Enhance your seamless massage experience with the OSIM Well-Being app. While enjoying a whole range of massage programs, you can easily play original music tracks and even personalize your massage settings on your phone.

1st NFC touchpoint for fast app access
Tap the NFC (Near-Field Communication) tag on the uLove 3 with your smart device to download the OSIM Well-Being app or open the app directly. This straightforward, advanced technology gives you instant and convenient access to the app!
2. full control over the chair
The OSIM Well-Being app connects seamlessly with uLove 3 for faster and easier control. Stream music, access a curated set of massage programs, make custom massage adjustments and customize your chair positions for a personalized wellbeing experience.
3. monitor the trends in your well-being over time
Using trend charts, you can monitor your body tension levels, heart rate and breathing rate over time. This can help you understand how stressful events and relaxation techniques can affect your wellbeing and enable you to take mindful steps to reduce your body tension and stress over time.
4. complete range of massage programs
With manual programs tailored to your needs, automatic programs designed for different lifestyles and targeted body relief, and personalized body tension programs based on your stress score, there's always a program to suit every member of the family.
5. new download programs
Download the regularly added new massage programs in the app, designed to meet the ever-evolving and diverse needs of your family. Enjoy endless massage pleasure with this patented download technology.
uLove 3 distinctive and patented massage technologies
1st V-Hand™ Plus Massage (patented)
With an enhanced version of the revolutionary, patented V-Hand™ technology, uLove 3's V-Hand™ Plus mimics the moving hands of a professional masseuse to deliver an ultra-realistic massaging, kneading and gripping motion that can release even the deepest muscle knots. The V-Hand™ Plus also features an enhanced 720° roller design that is able to follow the contours of your body in fluid movements reminiscent of highly skilled masseuses.
2. 4-Hand™ Plus Massage (patent pending)
4 sets of powerful massage rollers are designed to move in perfect synchronization, mirroring the action of two masseuses massaging your upper and lower body simultaneously. NEW - Unique to the uLove 3, feel the new wave massage on your buttocks and thighs!
3. body heat technology (patented)
The soothing heat technology in uLove 3 envelops your entire back and calves to promote circulation and soothe stiff, aching muscles. It can also provide you with great comfort in cold weather!
4. leg reflex massage (patented)
Designed for wide and narrow calf widths, uLove 3 leg reflexology provides a complete calf-ankle-feet-kneading massage and foot reflexology.
5 Other innovations
Through continuous innovation, uLove 3 has 18 registered technology patents and design registrations in various fields around the world, developed specifically with your well-being and experience in mind.
Patented technologies, functions and designs
1. patented headrest
For the most pleasant head massage
2. patented V-Hand™ Plus with 720° rolling balls
For loosening muscle knots in the neck and shoulder area
3. automatic shoulder detection
Assesses your unique physique and ensures that you benefit from the full effect of the massage
4. 3D surround sound speakers
For an immersive audio experience
5. patented adjustable arm airbag massage
Adapts to your shoulder width
6. patented body heat technology
For back and legs
7. patent pending AI stress analysis algorithm
For measuring body tension and other well-being indicators
8. patent pending 4-Hand™ Plus
For massaging your upper and lower body at the same time
9. on-board control panels
For quick and easy access to the chair and massage controls
10. patented new program download technology
To meet the changing needs of your whole family
11. patented Leg-Reflex calf kneading and foot rollers
For a powerful full leg massage
12. patented convertible ottoman and leg massager
For versatile lifestyle use
Intimate entertainment room for quality me-time

Enjoy the symphonic blend of massage and audiovisual entertainment of your choice streamed through your mobile devices.

The unobtrusive, perfectly positioned speakers provide a balanced sound and an enveloping 3D surround sound effect. A captivating and relaxing entertainment experience awaits you.

Complete with entertainment stand and USB charging function

Watch movies or read on your smart device via the entertainment stand while keeping it connected to the uLove 3's USB port for charging. This hands-free experience means more immersion and comfort!

Bold and modern design from Pininfarina

Pininfarina is a globally renowned product design brand that embodies outstanding "Made in Italy" design. Pininfarina is best known for its Ferrari designs and has established itself as one of the world's leading luxury product designers. Now this world-class design can be part of your home and make a statement in your interior design, while your body benefits fully from uLove 3's regenerating lifestyle programs.

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